Fast acting pain relief.



Real pain relief for every sport and every age.

  • Work too hard, play too hard, Little League or Senior League, yard work or working out… everybody pushes too hard and hurts once in a while (or oftener). Which is why Braziian Menthol belongs in every medicine cabinet.
  • Now you, your kids and your loved ones can relieve those routine aches and pains right away, every day. Natural active ingredients Menthol and Epsom Salts work together to provide healing relief so safely you can use it whenever and wherever it hurts.

Win with natural Menthol + Epsom Salts.

  • Make Brazilian Menthol a part of your regular after-exercise regimen, to help your body get the healing rest you need between workouts, games or chores.
  • Unlike other popular products that contain different ingredients, like capsaicin derived from peppers (a natural irritant, it’s the “hot” in hot sauce), lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) or other synthetic ingredients, Brazilian Menthol™ contains Natural Menthol and Epsom Salts for cooling pain relief that’s safe enough for the littlest Little Leaguer.
  • Yet, Brazilian Menthol really does provide powerful, natural pain relief.