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 A true “one-two” punch to relieve pain fast.

Brazilian Menthol Pain Relief combines the cooling analgesic power of natural menthol and the proven soothing action of natural Epsom salts in a unique formulation that’s safe, effective, and pleasant to use. 

Cooling Menthol
is a proven natural pain reliever, which actually creates a numbing effect while increasing the blood flow to speed healing, and reduces the heat of inflammation at the same time.

Epsom Salts
can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and help eliminate toxins naturally. 

Together, natural Menthol and Epsom Salts are the perfect combinations to deliver immediate pain relief. Because you have better things to do than hurt.

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How Brazilian Menthol    Works


There are several reasons Menthol works so well when you rub it on aching muscles.

Menthol is a natural analgesic (pain reliever). Molecules called ligands attach themselves to kappa Opioid receptors in your cells, triggering a numbing effect. 

Menthol also causes vasodilation, widening blood vessels in the skin to increase blood flow, which can speed up medicinal effects as well as encouraging cellular repair. The cooling effect of Menthol stimulates thermoreceptors in the skin, which the nervous system interprets as cold, to relieve the heat of inflammation.

The ability of Epsom salts to cure pain has been known since the discovery of Magnesium Sulfate in a natural spring near Epsom, England hundreds of years ago. Magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is known to help reduce inflammation and assist muscle/nerve function. Sulfates work by improving cellular nutrient uptake and improving blood flow.

Fast, effective, and safe for everybody.


Young or old, active lifestyle or relaxed retirement, you don’t have to suffer the occasional discomfort of aching muscles and joints, minor injuries, and just plain wear and tear. Just rub on Brazilian Menthol™! It’s safe for kids as young as two, and there whenever you need it… without harmful drugs or side effects.


 Brazilian Menthol acts like an Epsom Salt bath you can rub on to improve healing and feel better… right where it hurts!