Fast acting pain relief.

Muscle Soreness

& Stiffness

Rub in relief when you overdo it.

It happens to pro athletes and weekend warriors. Little leaguers and senior leaguers. And everybody in between. You work out too hard, play too hard, or sit at your desk too long and next thing you know, your sore, stiff, aching muscles are making it hard to relax, stretch, sleep or get on with your busy schedule.

Localized vs. systemic muscle pain.

  • It’s important to recognize the difference between localized muscle pain brought on by overuse, and muscle pain throughout the entire body which is more often caused by an illness or infection. In the latter case, you should work with a health care professional to determine the cause and best treatment.
  • Tension, stress, repetitive motion, overuse and minor injuries are the usual causes of localized muscle pain, and while that discomfort will often diminish on its own, it can sometimes last far too long… or at least feel like it. And, after particularly hard workouts, “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” or DOMS, can indicate an inflammatory response to microscopic tears in muscle tissue.

When it hurts, reach for Brazilian Menthol™.

Together, cooling menthol and Epsom salts in our proprietary formulation are an ideal combination for immediate pain relief. Menthol is a proven natural analgesic, which actually creates a numbing effect while increasing the blood flow to speed healing, and reducing the heat of inflammation at the same time. Epsom Salts also reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and help eliminate toxins naturally. It just doesn’t get any more soothing than that.

What else can I do to avoid routine muscle aches and pains?

  • The best way to treat sore muscles, of course, is not to let them get so sore in the first place. That means thinking about prevention.
  • Before a workout or a strenuous workday, be sure to warm up completely, stretching and preparing your muscles for the exercise ahead.
  • Stay hydrated and make sure you’re receiving nutrition that’s balanced and adequate for your level of activity.
  • After strenuous exercise or any time you feel “stiffened-up,” consider a massage or foam roller.
  • Cold therapy, very mild stretching and other techniques may provide relief although their benefits are being questioned these days.