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How do I use NavVid?

Download app, mount phone on dash, open map and go!
NavVid automatically records your trips, including video. NavVid can give you traffic alerts, safety warnings, and safe driver tips. You can access driver history, safety reports, and incident reports on-phone or via our web-portal. The NavVid app is free, contact us for free cloud storage. Contact us for details.

What gets recorded?

The ABC’S LIVEAcceleration, Braking, Cornering, Speed, Location, Incident Video, and Events. The ABC'S LIVE are the main data points used to create Driver History Reports, Driver Safety Reports, and Incident Reports.

What happens with phone calls and texts while using NavVid?

Phone calls will pause video recording, then NavVid will ask you if you want to continue recording, or you can wait to the end of the call and it will automatically resume recording video. NavVid never records audio. You can make calls and play music with earphones or Bluetooth while using Navvid. We strongly urge to never text and drive. We encourage using the iPhone's "do not disturb while driving" feature. If you do not use these safety precautions, the text message will appear briefly on-screen. If you have a voice activated hands free device, then you can dictate text message commands. Again, please don't text and drive - it can wait.

How does NavVid affect phone performance?

NavVid is optimized to efficiently balance processor usage, storage capacity, and cellular transfer.
We’ve attuned the mobile camera to trim processor stress, while still capturing accurate and actionable incident video. Unsaved videos are automatically deleted and recorded over in a loop. The oldest videos are deleted first, unless they are flagged to be saved. Flagged videos are never automatically deleted. Small amounts of trip metadata are transmitted over the phone’s cell plan in real time. Videos are only uploaded to cloud storage if there is a flagged event. This balance allows NavVid to utilize optimal data for critical reporting insights.

What happens to the data?

We take data privacy seriously. Data is stored on your mobile phone. You own all the data you create; however, some limited data is shared. NavVid uses anonymized driver data collected from thousands of trips uploaded to the cloud to make cars safer and more efficient. We do not share personal data with government officials, including law enforcement, unless required by law.
We never sell personal identifying information to advertisers, repeat never.
If you have any questions, please read our privacy policy and/or contact us directly.